Turkey Residency by Investment Program 2022

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$ 150,000

Process Time

4-6 months

Turkey lies at the crossroads between Europe and Asia; it stretches from the Northeast of the Mediterranean Sea to South-East Europe and Southwest Asia.

To the North is the Black Sea and to the West is the Aegean Sea. Its neighbours are Greece and Bulgaria to the West, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania to the North and North West (through the Black Sea), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the East, and Syria and Iraq to the South. The Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus divide the country. Dominated by Greeks, Persians, and Romans in turn throughout the classical era, what is now Turkey was once the seat of the Byzantine Empire. After the Ottoman Empire fell in 1918, Turkey transformed itself into the vibrant, modernizing, secular state it is today. As a result of its vibrant history and geography, Turkey is a very varied country.


The narrow Turkish Straits seaway between the two continents, including the Dardanelles and the Bosporus Strait, is one of the World’s key maritime passages; it is the only access point between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This fact gives Turkey enormous geopolitical importance. Turkey is among the top twenty economies in the world, although agriculture still accounts for 30% of jobs in Turkey, the economy relies on industrial and service sector output for its growth. Turkey has oil and natural gas reserves. It is also a key distribution point for Middle Eastern and Central Asia oil and natural gas moving to Europe and ports for export overseas.

  • Quick path to Citizenship
  • Live work and study in Turkey
  • Spouse, Children under 18, Parents or;
  • Adult Children (Financially Dependent on the Applicant)
  • Exceptional State and Private Healthcare System
  • Free Education
  • Turkish Passport leads to E2 Investor Visa in the USA
  • No Residency or Language Requirements
  • No need to Relinquish my Current Citizenship
  • Investments can be returned in 3 years
  • Citizenship can be Inherited
  • Non-Residents Not Taxed on Worldwide Income
  • Beautiful Climate 300 Days of Sunshine
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Turkish Business Owners have the option to apply for a UK Business Visa
  • The right to travel to 120 countries Visa-Free or Visa on Arrival
  • Privileged access to the Schengen Area, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea

Real Estate

  • Single Investment US$250,000

Bank Deposit

  • Single Investment US$500,000

National Securities

  • Single Investment US$500,000

Government Bonds

  • Single Investment US$500,000

Venture Capital Investment Shares

  • Single Investment US$500,000
  • Create at least 50 Jobs for Turkish Nationals as validated by the Ministry of Family Labour and Social Services

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